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Title:Development of a Grid Infrastructure for Functional Genomics
Authors: Richard Sinnott ; Dave Berry ; Micha Bayer ; Derek Houghton ; Magnus Ferrier
Date: 2004
Publication Title:Life Science Grid Conference (LSGrid 2004), Kanazawa Japan
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:125-139
DOI:10.1007/b106923 ISBN/ISSN:1611-3349
The BRIDGES project is incrementally developing and exploring database integration over six geographically distributed research sites with the framework of a Wellcome Trust biomedical research project (the Cardiovascular Functional Genomics project) to provide a sophisticated infrastructure for bioinfomaticians. Grid technologies are being used to facilitate this integration. Key issues to be investigated in BRIDGES are data integration and data federation, security, user friendliness, access to large scale computational facilities and incorporation of existing bioinformatics software solutions, both for visualisation as well as analysis of genomic data sets. This paper outlines the initial experiences in applying Grid technologies and outlines the on-going designs put forward to address these issues.
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