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Title:Come, Let's Play: Scenario-Based Programming Using LSCs and the Play-Engine
Authors: David Harel ; Rami Marelly
Date: 2003
Publication Title:Come, Let's Play: Scenario-Based Programming Using LSCs and the Play-Engine
Publication Type:Authored Book Publication Status:Published
This book does not tell a story. Instead, it is about stories. Or rather, in technical terms, it is about scenarios. Scenarios of system behavior. It concentrates on reactive systems, be they software or hardware, or combined computer-embedded systems, including distributed and real-time systems. We propose a different way to program such systems, centered on interobject scenario-based behavior. The book describes a language, two techniques, and a supporting tool. The language is a rather broad extension of live sequence charts (LSCs), the original version of which was proposed in 1998 by W. Damm and the first-listed author of this book. The first of the two techniques, called play-in, is a convenient way to play in scenariobased behavior directly from the system s graphical user interface (GUI). The second technique, play-out, makes it possible to execute, or play out , the behavior on the GUI as if it were programmed in a conventional intraobject state-based fashion. All this is implemented in full in our tool, the Play-Engine. The book can be viewed as offering improvements in some of the phases of known system development life cycles, e.g., requirements capture and analysis, prototyping, and testing. However, there is a more radical way to view the book, namely, as proposing an alternative way to program reactivity, which, being based on inter-object scenarios, is a lot closer to how people think about systems and their behavior. We are excited by the apparent potential of this work. However, whether or not it is adopted and becomes really useful, what kinds of systems are the ideas most fitting for, and how we should develop methodologies for largescale applications, all remain to a large extent open questions. Whatever the case, we hope that the book triggers further research and experimentation.
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