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Title:A canonical agent model for healthcare applications.
Authors: John Fox ; David Glasspool ; Sanjay Modgil
Date: 2006
Publication Title:IEEE Intelligent Systems
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:21(6) Page Nos:21-28
In this paper we describe a canonical architecture for an autonomous agent that can be utilised in single and multi-agent healthcare applications. The architecture comprises a set of components whose properties are summarised as a set of software signatures specifying the invariant pre-condition post-condition (input-output) pattern of each component. Components interact through shared data structures, which are defined by means of complex data types which specify standard interfaces. This allows, for example, a component with a particular design to be replaced by another with a different design. Development of the canonical model has been informed by the ASPIC project, and a first implementation of the model is being validated on a standard multi-agent healthcare scenario developed as part of ASPIC.
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