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Title:Context-Dependent Interpretation and Implicit Dialogue Acts
Authors: Joern Kreutel ; Colin Matheson
Date: 2003
Publication Title:Perspectives on Dialogue in the New Millenium
Publisher:John Benjamins
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:179-192
A common assumption in current dialogue models is that the actions of dialogue participants (DPs) can be analysed in terms of 'dialogue acts'. Recent research in dialogue has suggested that the most appropriate way to describe the DPs' behaviour is in terms of multiple actions which affect various levels of information structure. Treating dialogue acts as the basic units of analysis has been shown to provide more powerful expressive means than, for instance, the traditional concepts of 'dialogue moves' or 'speech acts'. However, employing different levels of dialogue acts for interpreting the DPs' actions is still an unresolved issue in dialogue research in general. In this context, the current paper presents an algorithm which assigns context dependent dialogue acts using 'information state update scenarios', which are defined in terms of 'discourse obligations', and this allows us in particular to provide what we feel is an intuitive analysis of implicit acceptance acts.
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