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Title:Query Localization Techniques for On-Demand Routing Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Robert Castaeda ; Samir Das ; Mahesh Marina
Date:Mar 2002
Publication Title:Wireless Networks
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:8 (2/3) Page Nos:137-151
Mobile ad hoc networks are characterized by multi-hop wireless links, absence of any cellular infrastructure, and frequent host mobility. Design of efficient routing protocols in such networks is a challenging issue. A class of routing protocols called on-demand protocols has recently found attention because of their low routing overhead. We propose a technique that can reduce the routing overhead even further. The on-demand protocols depend on query floods to discover routes whenever a new route is needed. Our technique utilizes prior routing histories to localize the query flood to a limited region of the network. Simulation results demonstrate excellent reduction of routing overheads with this mechanism. This also contributes to a reduced level of network congestion and better end-to-end delay performance of data packets.
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