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Title:Increasing the efficiency of graph colouring algorithms with a representation based on vector operations
Authors: Istvn Juhos ; Jano van Hemert
Date:Aug 2006
Publication Title:Journal of Software
Publisher:Academy Publisher
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:1(2) Page Nos:24-33
We introduce a novel representation for the graph colouring problem, called the Integer Merge Model, which aims to reduce the time complexity of graph colouring algorithms. Moreover, this model provides useful information to aid in the creation of heuristics that can make the colouring process even faster. It also serves as a compact definition for the description of graph colouring algorithms. To verify the potential of the model, we use it in the complete algorithm DSATUR, and in two version of an incomplete approximation algorithm; an evolutionary algorithm and the same evolutionary algorithm extended with guiding heuristics. Both theoretical and empirical results are provided investigation is performed to show an increase in the efficiency of solving graph colouring problems. Two problem suites were used for the empirical evidence: a set of practical problem instances and a set of hard problem instances from the phase transition.
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