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Title:XML-Based Data Preparation for Robust Deep Parsing
Authors: Claire Grover ; Alex Lascarides
Date:Jul 2001
Publication Title:Proceedings of the Joint EACL-ACL Meeting (ACL-EACL 2001)
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
We describe the use of XML tokenisation, tagging and mark-up tools to prepare a corpus for parsing. Our techniques are generally applicable but here we focus on parsing Medline abstracts with the ANLT wide-coverage grammar. Hand-crafted grammars inevitably lack coverage but many coverage failures are due to inadequacies of their lexicons. We describe a method of gaining a degree of robustness by interfacing POS tag information with the existing lexicon. We also show that XML tools provide a sophisticated approach to pre-processing, helping to ameliorate the messiness in real language data and improve parse performance.
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