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Title:On the Expressiveness of Implicit Provenance in Query and Update Languages.
Authors: Peter Buneman ; James Cheney ; Stijn Vansummeren
Date:Jan 2007
Publication Title:11th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2007).
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Volume No:4353 Page Nos:209-223
DOI:10.1007/11965893_15 ISBN/ISSN:3-540-6926
Information concerning the origin of data (that is, its provenance) is important in many areas, especially scientific recordkeeping. Currently, provenance information must be maintained explicitly, by added effort of the database maintainer. Since such maintenance is tedious and error-prone, it is desirable to provide support for provenance in the database system itself. In order to provide such support, however, it is important to provide a clear explanation of the behavior and meaning of existing database operations, both queries and updates, with respect to provenance. In this paper we take the view that a query or update implicitly defines a provenance mapping linking components of the output to the originating components in the input. Our key result is that the proposed semantics are expressively complete relative to natural classes of queries that explicitly manipulate provenance.
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