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Title:Web Proper Names: Naming Referents on the Web
Authors: Henry Thompson ; Harry Halpin
Date:May 2005
Publication Title:Procs of SeC 2005, Makuhari Messe ed.
Publication Type:Conference Paper
When http: URIs are used to refer to things not on the Web as opposed to web pages, ambiguity arises on the Web. Both humans and machines need to solve the question of what someone is actually referring to when they use a http: URI, especially if that URI can be used both to refer to a web page and a thing that is not on the Web. We propose a multi-tiered solution we called Web Proper Names to this problem based on insights from the philosophy of language and the ability of humans to verify the results of a search engine request. Our solution provides a distributed and interoperable approach to creating and sharingWeb names for things.
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