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Title:Processing XML 1.1 documents with XML Schema 1.0 processors
Authors: Henry Thompson
Date:Nov 2005
Publication Title:W3C Working Group Note
XML Schema 1.0 did not anticipate new versions of XML, and mandated XML 1.0 documents as the starting point for schema-validity assessment. Some users and specifications would like to use XML Schema processors which process XML 1.1 documents, and some implementors of XML Schema processors would like to provide XML 1.1 support. This Note suggests an implementation strategy for implementors to adopt to enable users and specifications to get such support in a consistent way. All aspects of XML Schema which are liable to re-interpretation as a result of changes in XML 1.1 are discussed. An implementation of schema-validity assessment employing such a strategy is strictly speaking non-conformant to the current version of the XML Schema specification. The XML Schema WG none-the-less believes that interoperability will best be served by such non-conformant processors being made available to users, until such time as a subsequent version of XML Schema addressing this issue normatively is approved.
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