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Title:Toponym Resolution: A First Large-Scale Comparative Evaluation
Authors: Jochen Leidner
Date:Jul 2006
Toponym resolution (TR) is the task of mapping the name of a location to a spatial representation of the location referred to, such as the centroid of the location, given as latitude/longitude. While a number of systems for automating the task have been described in the literature, to date no comparative evaluation study has existed, mainly for lack of a standard benchmark (i.e., gazetteer and evaluation corpus). On the basis of a benchmark methodology and dataset, the first systematic account of the utility of different heuristics for the toponym resolution task is presented, based on experimental comparison on two novel, large-scale gold-standard corpora. The utility of each of a set of heuristics is evaluated in isolation, and in addition, two previously reported complex methods are replicated in full.
2006 by Jochen L. Leidner. All Rights Reserved
The author retains the right to reproduce and publish this paper for any purpose. Permission is granted for this report to be reproduced by others for non-commercial purposes as long as this copyright notice is reprinted in full in any reproduction. Applications to make other use of the material should be addressed in the first instance to the author or to Copyright Permissions, School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh, Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH9 9LE, Scotland
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