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Title:An Evaluation Dataset for the Toponym Resolution Task
Authors: Jochen Leidner
Date:Jul 2006
Publication Title:Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:30 Page Nos:400-417
DOI: ISBN/ISSN:0198-9715
Toponym resolution is the task of linking place name instances in a text with spatial footprints, given the context in which they occur. Whereas a lot of work on the evaluation of temporal resolution is ongoing (eg Setzer & Gaizauskas, 2000), to date no reference resource is available to evaluate competing algorithms for toponym resolution. It is thus argued that a shareable, reusable evaluation resource is necessary. To this end, a new proposal for the markup of toponyms in text corpora with their referents and an associated tool data methodology are presented: the Toponym Resolution Markup Language (TRML) is an XML-based markup language, and TAME, the toponym annotation markup editor, is a tool that implements it. A novel evaluation resource is described which comprises a large-scale reference gazetteer server and a human-annotated news corpus in which toponyms are associated with latitude/longitude coordinates of the location they refer to. The reliability of the annotation task is established by determining inter-annotator agreement of the human annotators. [Elsevier CEUS 30(4) 400-417. Special Issue on Geographic Information Retrieval.]
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