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Title:Categorial Grammar and the Semantics of Contextual Prepositional Phrases
Authors: Nissim Francez ; Mark Steedman
Date:Aug 2006
Publication Title:Linguistics and Philosophy
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Pre-print
Volume No:29 Page Nos:381-417
DOI:10.1007/s10988-006-9000-8 ISBN/ISSN:0165-0157
The paper proposes a semantics for contextual (i.e., Temporal and Locative) Prepositional Phrases (CPPs) like "during every meeting," "in the garden," "when Harry met Sally," and "where I m calling from." The semantics is embodied in a multi-modal extension of Combinatory Categoral Grammar (CCG). The grammar allows the strictly monotonic compositional derivation of multiple correct nterpretations for “stacked” or multiple CPPs, including interpretations whose scope relations are not what would be expected on standard assumptions about surface-syntactic command and monotonic derivation. A type-hierarchy of functional modalities plays a crucial role in the specification of the fragment.
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