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Title:Designing for e-Health : Recurring Scenarios in Developing Grid-based Medical Imaging Systems
Authors: Jenny Ure ; John Geddes ; Clare Mackay ; Sharon Lloyd ; Andrew Simpson ; David Power ; Douglas Russell ; Marina Jirotka ; Mila Katzarova ; Martin Rossor ; Nick Fox ; Jonathon Fletcher ; Derek Hill ; Kate McLeish ; Yu Chen ; Joseph V Hajnal ; Stephen Lawrie ; Dominic Job ; Andrew McIntosh ; Joanna Wardlaw ; Peter Sandercock ; Jeb Palmer ; Dave Perry ; Robert Procter ; Mark Hartswood ; Roger Slack ; Alexander Voss ; Ka Lai Ho ; Philip Bath ; Wim Clarke ; Graham Watson
Date:Jun 2006
Publication Title:Procs of HealthGrid 2006
Publisher:IOS Press
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Submitted
The paper draws on a number of Grid projects, particularly on the experience of NeuroGrid,, a UK project in the Neurosciences tasked with developing a Grid-based collaborative research environment to support the sharing of digital images and patient data across multiple distributed sites. It outlines recurrent socio-technical issues, highlighting the challenges of scaling up technological networks in advance of the regulatory networks which normally regulate their use in practice.
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