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Title:A Socio-technical Perspective on the Design of Collaborative Systems
Authors: Jenny Ure ; Gudrun Jaegersberg ; Ashley Lloyd ; Mark Hartswood
Date:Sep 2006
Publication Title:Procs of CE2006
Publisher:IOS Press
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Submitted
System design is a high cost, high-risk undertaking, requiring effective collaboration and knowledge sharing across very diverse and distributed communities. As the scale and scope of systems in the extended enterprise has grown, the difficulties of sense-making across interdependent communities have become more critical, the interdependence of social and technical knowledge has become more apparent, and the tension between local and global requirements has become more critical. The paper draws on a range of nationally-funded system design projects in e-Business, e-Science and e-Health, to highlight emerging strategies with implications for the design of collaborative and distributed systems.
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