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Title:Designing Enterprise Systems: leveraging knowledge in a distributed pattern-building community
Authors: Jenny Ure ; Ashley D Lloyd ; Rob Pooley ; Rick Dewar ; Arabella Cranmore
Date: 2002
Publication Title:Advances in Concurrent Engineering
Publisher:A.A Balkema Publishers
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Enterprise networks are socio-technical systems par excellence , depending on the integrated management of knowledge of a range of co-ordinating technical and socio-technical processes. The paper outlines a cross-disciplinary collaboration taking a socio-technical perspective on the design and management of extended ICT-supported systems such as the supply chain and e-business portals. It investigates the potential of patterns, pattern-languages, and pattern-building communities as vehicles for the collaborative construction, transfer and re-use of tacit knowledge from the different domains of expertise required to inform the design of these complex, networked systems
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The Concurrent Engineering Series brings together hundreds of industrial and academic specialists and the annual Track or Session on socio-technical systems provided a forum for developing and disseminating ideas
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