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Title:Adaptive Abstraction for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Mykel Kochenderfer
Date:Apr 2006
This paper presents a novel model-based reinforcement learning framework called the Adaptive Modelling and Planning System (AMPS). The challenge of a model-based reinforcement learning agent is using experience in the world to generate a model. In problems with large state and action spaces, the agent must generalise from limited experience by grouping together similar states and actions, effectively partitioning the state and action spaces into finite sets of regions. Several different abstraction approaches have been proposed in the literature, but the existing algorithms have many limitations. They generally only increase resolution, require a large amount of data before changing the abstraction, do not generalise over actions, and are computationally expensive. AMPS aims to solve these problems using a new kind of approach. AMPS splits and merges existing regions in its abstraction according to a set of heuristics. The system introduces splits using a mechanism related to supervised learning and is defined generally, allowing AMPS to leverage a wide variety of representations. The system merges existing regions when an analysis of the current plan indicates that doing so could be useful. Because several different regions may require revision at any given time, AMPS prioritises revision to best utilise whatever computational resources are available. Changes in the abstraction lead to changes in the model, requiring changes to the plan. AMPS prioritises the planning process, and when the agent has time, it replans in high-priority regions. This paper demonstrates the flexibility and strength of this approach in learning intelligent behaviour.
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