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Title:IMAGE 03: Images, Medical Analysis and Grid Environments
Authors: Dave Berry ; Cecile Germain-Renaud ; Derek Hill ; Steve Pieper ; Joel Saltz
Date:Mar 2004
Publication Title:UK e-Science Technical Report UKeS-2004-02
Publication Type:Internet Publication Publication Status:Published
This report summarises the workshop on Images, Medical Analysis and Grid Environments that was held at the UK e-Science Institute on September 16-18th 2003, and presents a set of recommendations from the discussions that were held there. The aims of the workshop were to investigate key challenges in the handling and use of distributed medical image data, and opportunities for international collaboration in using Grid technology to address them. Topics discussed included interactive visualisation, image registration, analysis, and data management, with the associated issues of metadata, ontologies, provenance, data integration, and clinical/research governance. Forty people attended from around the world. They ranged from computer scientists, through application scientists, to representatives of research funding agencies.
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