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Title:The Open Grid Services Architecture v1.0
Authors: Ian Foster ; Hiro Kishimoto ; Andreas Savva ; Dave Berry ; Abdeslem Djaoui ; Andrew Grimshaw ; Bill Horn ; Fred Maciel ; Frank Siebenlist ; Ravi Subramaniam ; Jem Treadwell ; Jeffrin von Reich
Date:Jan 2005
Publication Title:Open Grid Forum GFD-I.030
Publication Type:Internet Publication Publication Status:Published
Successful realization of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) vision of a broadly applicable and adopted framework for distributed system integration, virtualization, and management requires the definition of a core set of interfaces, behaviors, resource models, and bindings. This document, produced by the OGSA working group within the Global Grid Forum (GGF), provides a first version of this OGSA definition. The document focuses on requirements and the scope of important capabilities required to support Grid systems and applications in both e-science and e-business. The capabilities described are Execution Management, Data, Resource Management, Security, Self-Management, and Information. The description of the capabilities is at a high-level and includes, to some extent, the interrelationships between the capabilities.
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