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Title:PEPA nets: a structured performance modelling formalism
Authors: Stephen Gilmore ; Jane Hillston ; Leila Kloul ; Marina Ribaudo
Date:Oct 2003
Publication Title:Performance Evaluation
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:54(2) Page Nos:79-104
In this paper we describe a formalism which uses the stochastic process algebra PEPA as the inscription language for labelled stochastic Petri nets. Viewed in another way, the net is used to provide a structure for linking related PEPA systems. The combined modelling language naturally represents such applications as mobile code systems where the PEPA terms are used to model the program code which moves between network hosts (the places in the net).We describe the implementation of a tool to support this modelling formalism and apply this to model a hierarchical cellular network.
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