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Title:End-to-End Integrated Security and Performance Analysis on the DEGAS Choreographer Platform
Authors: Mikael Buchholtz ; Stephen Gilmore ; Valentin Haenel ; Carlo Montangero
Date:Jul 2005
Publication Title:Proceedings of FM 2005 (World Congress on Formal Methods)
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Volume No:3582 Page Nos:286-301
DOI:10.1007/11526841_20 ISBN/ISSN:1611-3349
We present a software tool platform which facilitates security and performance analysis of systems which starts and ends with UML model descriptions. A UML project is presented to the platform for analysis, formal content is extracted in the form of process calculi descriptions, analysed with the analysers of the calculi, and the results of the analysis are reflected back into a modified version of the input UML model. The design platform supporting the methodology, Choreographer, interoperates with state-of-the-art UML modelling tools. We illustrate the approach with a well known protocol and report on the experience of industrial users who have applied Choreographer in their development work.
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