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Title:An Improved Algorithm to Extract Surfaces from Complete Range Descriptions
Authors: Craig Robertson ; Robert Fisher ; Naoufel Werghi ; A Ashbrook
Date:Sep 1999
Publication Title:Proc. World Manuf. Conf, WMC'99 (ISMT'99)
Publisher:ICSC Academic Press
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Page Nos:592-598
Reverse-engineering a machined part to generate a CAD model require range data to be collected and registered from many views then segmented into surface primitives. Most previous research on surface extraction has concentrated on extracting surfaces from only one view at a time and then registering them afterwards. This leads to alignment problems from combining partial surface fragments in order to produce complete models. We have avoided these problems by implementing a 3D segmentation algorithm to extract surfaces directly from fully registered range date clouds. This paper reports on improvements to the algorithm which have had the effect of reducing errors in the surface parameter estimation as well as increasing the overall robustness of the technique.
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