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Title:Mobile robot programming using natural language
Authors: Stanislao Lauria ; Guido Bugmann ; Theocharis Kyriacou ; Ewan Klein
Date:Mar 2002
Publication Title:Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:38(3-4) Page Nos:171-181
How will naive users program domestic robots? This paper describes the design of a practical system that uses natural language to teach a vision-based robot how to navigate in a miniature town. To enable unconstrained speech, the robot is provided with a set of primitive procedures derived from a corpus of route instructions. When the user refers to a route that is not known to the robot, the system will learn it by combining primitives as instructed by the user. This paper describes the components of the Instruction-Based Learning architecture and discusses issues of knowledge representation, the selection of primitives and the conversion of natural language into robot-understandable procedures.
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