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Title:Capturing both Types and Constraints in Data Integration
Authors: Michael Benedikt ; Chee Yong Chan ; Wenfei Fan ; Juliana Freire ; Rajeev Rastogi
Date:Jun 2003
Publication Title:Proceedings of SIGMOD 2003 (International Conference on Management of Data)
Publication Type:Conference Paper Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:277-288
We propose a framework for integrating data from multiple relational sources into an XML document that both conforms to a given DTD and satisfies predefined XML constraints. The framework is based on a specification language, ATG, that extends a DTD by (1) associating element types with semantic attributes (inherited and synthesized, inspired by the corresponding notions from Attribute Grammars), (2) computing these attributes via parameterized SQL queries over multiple data sources, and (3) incorporating XML keys and inclusion constraints. The novelty of ATG consists in semantic attributes and their dependency relations for controlling context-dependent, DTD-directed construction of XML documents, as well as for checking XML constraints in parallel with document-generation. We also present cost-based optimization techniques for efficiently evaluating ATGs, including algorithmsfor merging queries and for scheduling queries on multiple data sources. This provides a new grammar-based approach for data integration under both syntactic and semantic constraints.
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