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Title:The Design and Implementation of Grid Database Services in OGSA-DAI
Authors: Mario Antonioletti ; Malcolm Atkinson ; Rob Baxter ; Andrew Borley ; Neil P. Chue Hong ; Brian Collins ; Neil Hardman ; Alastair C. Hume ; Alan Knox ; Mike Jackson ; Amy Krause ; Simon Laws ; James Magowan ; Norman W. Paton ; Dave Pearson ; Tom Sugden ; Paul Watson ; Martin Westhead
Date: 2005
Publication Title:Concurrency and Computation
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:17(2-4) Page Nos:357-376
Initially, Grid technologies were principally associated with supercomputer centres and largescale scientific applications in physics and astronomy. They are now increasingly seen as being relevant to many areas of e-Science and e-Business. The emergence of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), to complement the ongoing activity on web services standards, promises to provide a service-based platform that can meet the needs of both business and scientific applications. Early Grid applications focused principally on the storage, replication and movement of file-based data. Now the need for the full integration of database technologies with Grid middleware is widely recognised. Not only do many Grid applications already use databases for managing metadata, but increasingly many are associated with large databases of domain-specific information (e.g. biological or astronomical data). This paper describes the design and implementation of OGSA-DAI, a service-based architecture for database access over the Grid. The approach involves the design of Grid Data Services that allow consumers to discover the properties of structured data stores and to access their contents. The initial focus has been on support for access to Relational and XML data, but the overall architecture has been designed to be extensible to accommodate different storage paradigms. The paper describes and motivates the design decisions that have been taken, and illustrates how the approach supports a range of application scenarios. The OGSA-DAI software is freely available from
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