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Title:The use of Computer Aided Detection tools in screening mammography: A multidisciplinary investigation
Authors: E Alberdi ; A Povyakal ; L Strigini ; M Hartswood ; Robert Procter ; R Slack
Date: 2005
Publication Title:British Journal of Radiology, special issue on Computer-aided diagnosis
Publisher:British Institute of Radiology
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:78 Page Nos:31-40
We summarise a set of analyses and studies we have conducted to assess the effects of the use of a Computer Aided Detection (CAD) tool in breast screening. We have used an interdisciplinary approach which combines: a) statistical analyses inspired by reliability modelling in engineering, b) experimental studies of mammography experts decisions using the tool, interpreted in the light of human factors psychology; and c) ethnographic observations of the use of the tool both in trial conditions and in everyday screening practice. Our investigations have shown patterns of human behaviour and effects of computer-based advice that would not have been revealed by a standard clinical trial approach. For example, we found that the negligible measured effect of CAD could be explained by a range of effects on experts decisions, beneficial in some cases and detrimental in others. There is some evidence of the latter effects being due to the experts using the computer tool differently from the developers intentions. We integrate insights from the different pieces of evidence and highlight their implications for the design, evaluation and deployment of this sort of computer tool.
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