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Title:Galatea: Open-source Software for Developing Anthropomorphic Spoken Dialog Agents
Authors: Shin-ichi Kawamoto ; Hiroshi Shimodaira ; Tetsuo Nitta ; Takuya Nishomoto ; Satoshi Nakamura ; Katsunobu Ito ; Shigeo Morishima
Date:Nov 2003
Publication Title:Life-Like Characters
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:187-212
Galatea is a software toolkit to develop a human-like spoken dialog agnet. In order to easily integrate the modules of different characteristics including speech recognizer, speech synthesizer, facial-image synthesizer and dialog controller, each module is modeled as a virtual machine having a simple common interface and connected to each other through a broker (communication manager). Galatea employs model-based speech and facial-image synthesizers whose model parameters are adapted easily to those for an existing person if his/her training data is given. The software toolkit that runs on both UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems has been publicly available since 2003.
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