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Title:Towards conversational human-computer interaction
Authors: James Allen ; Donna Byron ; Myroslava Dzikovska ; George Ferguson ; Lucian Galescu ; Amanda Stent
Date:Dec 2001
Publication Title:AI Magazine
Publisher:AAAI Press
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:22(4) Page Nos:27-37
The belief that humans will be able to interact with computers in conversational speech has long been a favorite subject in science fiction. This reflects the persistent belief that spoken dialogue would be the most natural and powerful user interface to computers. With recent improvements in computer technology and in speech and language processing, such systems are starting to appear feasible. There are significant technical problems that still need to be solved before speech-driven interfaces become truly conversational. This paper describes the results of a ten-year effort building robust spoken dialogue systems at the University of Rochester.
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