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Title:Chester: Towards a Personal Medication Adviser
Authors: James Allen ; George Ferguson ; Nate Blaylock ; Donna Byron ; Nathaniel Chambers ; Myroslava Dzikovska ; Lucian Galescu
Date:Jan 2006
Publication Title:Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Special Issue on Dialogue Systems for health communication
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:# 39(5) Page Nos:500-513
Dialogue systems for health communication hold out the promise of providing intelligent assistance to patients through natural interfaces that require no training to use. But in order to make the development of such systems cost effective, we must be able to use generic techniques and components which are then specialized as needed to the specific health problem and patient population. In this paper, we describe Chester, a prototype intelligent assistant that interacts with its user via conversational natural spoken language to provide them with information and advice regarding their prescribed medications. Chester builds on our prior experience constructing conversational assistants in other domains. The emphasis of this paper is on the portability of our generic spoken dialogue technology, and presents a case study of the application of these techniques to the development of a dialogue system for health communication.
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