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Title:Performance Management in Breast Screening: A Case Study of Professional Vision and Ecologies of Practice.
Authors: Mark Hartswood ; Robert Procter ; Mark Rouncefield ; Roger Slack
Date:Jun 2002
Publication Title:Journal of Cognition, Technology and Work
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:# 4(2) Page Nos:91-100
Abstract: As part of a programme to investigate the requirements for computer-based detection aids in the NHS breast screening programme, we have been studying how the work of mammogram reading is done within different screening centres. Our findings show how various interactional practices have been evolved in order to help maintain readers' performance within acceptable levels. In this paper, we investigate one of these in detail, the use of annotations on screening reporting forms, and we consider their role in managing readers' performance. Finally, we consider the implications of such practices for the design of computer-based systems and tools for breast screening.
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