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Title:Fair-Simulation Relations, Parity Games, and State-Space Reduction for B"uchi Automata
Authors: Kousha Etessami ; Thomas Wilke ; Rebecca Schuller
Date: 2005
Publication Title:SIAM Journal on Computing
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:34(5) Page Nos:1159-1175
We give efficient algorithms, improving optimal known bounds, for computing a variety of simulation relations on the state space of a Bchi automaton. Our algorithms are derived via a unified and simple parity-game framework. This framework incorporates previously studied notions like fair and direct simulation, but also a new natural notion of simulation called delayed simulation, which we introduce for the purpose of state space reduction. We show that delayed simulation---unlike fair simulation---preserves the automaton language upon quotienting and allows substantially better state space reduction than direct simulation. Using our parity-game approach, which relies on an algorithm by Jurdzinski, we give efficient algorithms for computing all of the above simulations. In particular, we obtain an O(mn^3)-time and O(mn)-space algorithm for computing both the delayed and the fair simulation relations. The best prior algorithm for fair simulation requires time and space O(n^6). Our framework also allows one to compute bisimulations: we compute the fair bisimulation relation in O(mn^3) time and O(mn) space, whereas the best prior algorithm for fair bisimulation requires time and space O(n^10).
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