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Title:MagiCster: Believable Agents and Dialogue
Authors: Colin Matheson ; Catherine Pelachaud ; Fiorella de Rosis ; Thomas Rist
Date: 2006
Publication Title:Kuenstliche Intelligenz
Publisher:Boettcher IT
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:17(4) Page Nos:24-42
MagiCster is concerned with the development of believable conversational interface agents which make use of gaze, facial expression, gesture and body posture as well as speech in a synchronised fashion. The project is evaluating the use of conversational agents in laboratory conditions to determine which aspects are important for what types of human-computer interactions. The project also aims to develop and document the agent architecture and components to enable other research and development teams to prototype and evaluate new versions of the agent interface in new domains and for novel tasks.
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