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Title:Speaking the Users' Languages
Authors: Amy Isard ; Jon Oberlander ; Ion Androutsopoulos ; Colin Matheson
Date:Feb 2003
Publication Title:IEEE Intelligent Systems
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:18(1) Page Nos:40-45
describe a system that generates descriptions of museum objects tailored to the user. The texts presented to adults, children, and experts differ in several ways, from the choice of words used to the complexity of the sentence forms. Progress required working on multilingual natural language generation from a single source, improving speech synthesis for languages other than English, generating spoken and written messages from the same source, authoring the single source through symbolic authoring techniques, and working with adaptive user modeling for personalized information presentation. The result is a stateof-the-art system that speaks the users' languages and offers highly personalized information objects.
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