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Title:The Truly Total Turing Test
Authors: Paul Schweizer
Date: 1998
Publication Title:Minds and Machines
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:8 Page Nos:263-272
The paper examines the nature of behavioral evidence underlying attributions of intelligence in the case of human beings, and how this might be extended to other types of cognitive system, in the spirit of the original Turing Test (TT). I consider Harnad's Total Turing Test (TTT), which involves successful performance of both linguistic and robotic behavior, and which is often thought to incorporate the very same range of empirical data that is available in the human case. However, I argue that the TTT is still too weak, because it only tests the capabilities of particular tokens within a preexisting context of intelligent behavior, where this context itself has been created by a different cognitive type. What is required is a test of the artificial cognitive type, in order to confirm that it is able to produce the overall context of intelligent behavior presupposed by the TT and TTT.
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