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Title:Autonomic Management of Large Clusters and their Integration into the Grid
Authors: Thomas Roblitz ; Florian Schintke ; Alexander Reinefeld ; Olof Barring ; Maite Barroso Lopez ; German Cancio ; Sylvain Chapeland ; Karim Chouikh ; Lionel Cons ; Piotr Poznanski ; Philippe Defert ; Jan Iven ; Thorsten Kleinwort ; Bernd Panzer-Steindel ; Jaroslaw Polok ; Catherine Rafflin ; Alan Silverman ; Tim Smith ; Jan Eldik ; David Front ; Massimo Biasotto ; Cristina Aiftimiei ; Enrico Ferro ; Gaetano Maron ; Andrea Chierici ; Luca Dell'agnello ; Marco Serra ; Michele Michelotto ; Lord Hess ; Volker Lindenstruth ; Frank Pister ; Timm Morten Steinbeck ; David Groep ; Martijn Steenbakkers ; Oscar Koeroo ; Wim Som de Cerff ; Gerben Venekamp ; Paul Anderson ; Tim Colles ; Alexander Holt ; Alastair Scobie ; Michael George ; Andrew Washbrook ; Rafael A. Garcia Leiva ;
Date:Sep 2004
Publication Title:Journal of Grid Computing, vol 2, no 3
Publisher:Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:247-260
We present a framework for the co-ordinated, autonomic management of multiple clusters in a compute center and their integration into a Grid environment. Site autonomy and the automation of administrative tasks are prime aspects in this framework. The system behavior is continuously monitored in a steering cycle and appropriate actions are taken to resolve any problems. All presented components have been implemented in the course of the EU project DataGrid: The Lemon monitoring components, the FT fault-tolerance mechanism, the quattor system for software installation and configuration, the RMS job and resource management system, and the Gridification scheme that integrates clusters into the Grid.
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