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Title:IOmeter Performance Comparision of SBOD and MBOD
Authors: F. Chevalier ; Roland Ibbett ; T. Courtney
Date:Dec 2004
Publication Title:WSEAS Transaction on Computers
Publication Type:Journal Article
Volume No:2(6) Page Nos:1971-1976
In this paper, the performance of the emerging Switched Bunch Of Disks (SBOD) RAID architecture is compared to the more traditional Managed Bunch Of Disks (MBOD) using both analytical and simulation models. The benchmark used for this comparison is the conventional IOmeter that enables Throughput and IOPS of these systems to be compared. The SBOD configuration that maximises its performance is first investigated. Using both analytical and simulation models, it was found that the SBOD performs between 104% to 275% better than the MBOD, depending on the size of the requests in the IOmeter traffic workload.
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