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Title:A Methodology for Simulating Scientific Supercomputing Systems
Authors: S. Alam ; Roland Ibbett
Date:Jul 2004
Publication Title:Procs of Summer Computer Simulation Conference
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Simulation has been established as the only cost-effective, efficient and flexible mechanism for conducting in-depth analyses of complex computer systems performance as well as to investigate novel and hypothetical system designs. For scientific supercomputing systems performance studies, system-specific and vendor-specific software prototypes are often developed at different design stages. However, there appear to be no simulation frameworks for performance evaluation and exploration of these tightly-integrated systems. This is because scientific supercomputing systems, unlike mainstream commercial clusters, often have unique design features and, in their life times, are dedicated to a few highly demanding applications. The design and development of high-fidelity, scalable simulation models of high-end scientific systems is so far considered neither efficient nor cost-effective. In order to address these issues, we introduce the concept of simulation metamodelling; metamodelling allows for efficient generation of simulation models with alternative system configurations by maximising component reuse and minimising redesign overheads. The hardware-software co-simulation features of a computer architecture simulation framework, HASE, are exploited to build scalable, flexible and extensible simulation models. We compare and contrast our application-oriented simulation design approach with existing modelling practices, and subsequently identify its advantages and shortcomings.
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