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Title:JavaHASE: Automatic Generation of Applets from HASE Simulation Models
Authors: F. Mallet ; Roland Ibbett
Date:Jul 2003
Publication Title:Procs of Summer Simulation MultiConference 2003
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Page Nos:659-664
Hase is a design and simulation environment that allows for rapid development and exploration of computer architectures at multiple levels of abstraction. The great flexibility of the graphical display has enabled the creation of models (Tomasulo s algorithm, DLX architecture, etc.) which have proved to be useful in their own right, particularly for teaching and demonstration purposes. In order to make the models widely accessible, two different ways of exporting them via the WWW have been investigated, WebHase and JavaHase. WebHase uses a viewer applet to visualise pre-run Hase simulations whilst JavaHase allows existing simulation models to be translated into fully interactive simulation applets.
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