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Title:High Performance IDCT Realization Using Complex Arithmetic
Authors: K-L Wong ; Nigel Topham
Date:Apr 2003
Publication Title:Procs of IEEE Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP'03)
Volume No:2 Page Nos:313-316
In this paper we describe a high performance IDCT realization using complex arithmetic. The algorithm is based on novel factorization of the IDCT designed to exploit the complex multiplication capability provided by the OneDSP processor. We show a very efficient loop schedule implementing an 8-point IDCT in 9 cycles in each cluster. A single cluster OneDSP processor running at 300MHz is capable of decoding MPEG2 bit-streams at ATSC resolutions. Error analysis of the algorithm based on IEEE 1180 compliance testing is presented.
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