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Title:Java Compilation for Multithreaded Architectures
Authors: J. Hossel ; A. Koppe
Date:Jun 2001
Publication Title:Procs of 9th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers
Publication Type:Conference Paper
This paper outline the design of a compilation framework for applications embedded systems programmed in Java and targeted at multi-threaded architectures. These architectures have multiple Thread Processing Units (TPUs) to support loop-level parallism, where each TPU employs instruction-level parallelism, and data and control speculation techniques to improve performance. The paper describes the compilation framework, with particular emphasis on the design of the Java Intermediate Representation (JIR) based on Static Single-Assignment (SSA). The framework cleanly separates target-independent compilation issues from target-specific ones, which enables the comparative study of multi-threaded models of computation.
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