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Title:A Simulation Applet for Microcoding Exercises
Authors: Roland Ibbett
Date:Jun 2004
Publication Title:Procs of Workshop on Computer Architecture Education at ISCA'04
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Page Nos:122-129
At the University of Edinburgh we have used a Hierarchical Computer Architecture design and Simulation Environment (HASE) to build a number of architectural models for use in research and teaching. Within HASE, the JavaHase facility allows models to be translated into applets which can be accessed via the WWW. The Edinburgh Microcodable Microprocessor Applet (EMMA) was created in response to a need to provide students with a reliable practical experiment on processor design in a Computer Design course. There are currently two versions, a Basic model that can execute single-cycle arithmetic operations and an Enhanced model that can also execute multiply and divide. The Basic model was used successfully by a class of about 80 students in 2003.
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