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Title:The Relative Complexity of Approximate Counting Problems
Authors: Martin Dyer ; Leslie Ann Goldberg ; Catherine Greenhill ; Mark Jerrum
Date:Dec 2003
Publication Title:Algorithmica
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:38(3) Page Nos:471-500
Two natural classes of counting problems that are interreducible under approximation-preserving reductions are: (i) those that admit a particular kind of efficient approximation algorithm known as an ``FPRAS'', and (ii) those that are complete for #P with respect to approximation-preserving reducibility. We describe and investigate not only these two classes but also a third class, of intermediate complexity, that is not known to be identical to (i) or (ii). The third class can be characterised as the hardest problems in a logically defined subclass of #P.
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