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Title:An Asynchronous, Iterative Implementation of the Original Booth Multiplication Algorithm
Authors: Aristeidis Efthymiou ; W. Suntiamorntut ; J Garside ; L. E. M Brackenbury
Date:Apr 2004
Publication Title:Procs of ASYNC'04
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Page Nos:207-215
One of the main reasons for using asynchronous design is that it offers the opportunity to exploit the data-dependent latency of many operations in order to achieve low-power, high-performance, or low area. This paper describes a novel, asynchronous, iterative multiplier which exhibits data-dependency in both the number of iterations required to produce the result and in the delay of each step of the iteration. The preliminary evaluation of the multiplier, implemented using standard-cells, shows that speed improvements can be achieved in comparison to a standard iterative, radix-4 Booth multiplier.
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