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Title:Quantitative analysis of skeleton-structured applicative programs
Authors: Anne Benoit ; Murray Cole ; Stephen Gilmore ; Jane Hillston
Date:Mar 2005
Publication Title:Procs of Journes Francophones des Langages Applicatifs (JFLA'05)
Publication Type:Conference Paper
We propose in this paper a new technique to analyse quantitatively skeleton-structured programs. We give an overview of high-level structured parallel programming and motivate its usefulness and its relevance to applicative parallel programming. Then we introduce some basics of performance evaluation and focus on the Performance Evaluation Process Algebra PEPA. The presentation of these two concepts leads to PEPA models of two classical skeletons, Pipeline and Deal. Finally we describe a simulator, written in Objective Caml, performing single-step debugging on PEPA models, and we illustrate the use of the simulator on our models of skeletons.
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