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Title:Free Logic and Quantification in Syntactic Modal Contexts
Authors: Paul Schweizer
Date: 2001
Publication Title:New Essays in Free Logic
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:23 Page Nos:69-85
Paper establishes that the theorems of quantified S5 can be precisely captured within a system wherein modality is treated as a predicate applying to names of expressions, rather than as an object language operator. In this setting, the free logic as opposed to classical assumptions built into Kripke's original formulation of quantified modal logic are highlighted. Alternative models in first-order free logic are pressed into service as 'possible worlds', and hence under this metalinguistic interpretation of necessity, the semantics of the modal device can be obtained by quantifying over the structures presupposed by the pre-modal base logic: possible worlds are not required as additional model-theoretic primitives. The intensional aspects of modality are incorporated in the method of defining the extension of the modal predicate, rather than in the specification of the basic truth conditions for modal formulas.
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