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Title:Parallel Evolutionary Registration of 3D Data
Authors: Craig Robertson ; Robert Fisher
Date: 2002
Publication Title:Computer Vision and Image Understanding
Publication Type:Journal Article Publication Status:Published
Volume No:87 Page Nos:39-50
Most range data registration techniques are variants on the iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm, proposed by Chen and Medioni [2] and Besl and McKay [3]. That algorithm, though, is only one approach to optimizing a least-squares point correspondence sum proposed by Arun et al [1]. In its basic form ICP has many problems for example, its reliance on pre-registration by hand close to the global minimum and its tendency to converge to sub-optimal or incorrect solutions. This paper reports on an evolutionary registration algorithm which does not require initial pre-alignment and has a very broad basin of convergence. It searches many areas of a registration parameter space in parallel and has available to it a selection of evolutionary techniques to avoid local minima which plague both ICP and its variants.
(c) 2002 by Elsevier/Academic Press
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