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Title:Logics of Conversation
Authors: Nicholas Asher ; Alex Lascarides
Date:Jun 2003
Publication Title:Logics of Conversation
Publication Type:Authored Book Publication Status:Published
Page Nos:548
People often mean more than they say. Grammar on its won is typically insufficient for determining the full meaning of an utterance; the assumption that the discourse is coherent or "makes sense" has an important role to play in determining meaning as well. "Logics of Conversation" presents a dynamic semantic framework called Segmented Discourse Representation Theory, or SDRT, where this interaction between discourse coherence and discourse interpretation is explored in a logically precise manner. Combining ideas from dynamic semantics, commonsense reasoning and speech act theory, SDRT uses its analysis of rhetorical relations to capture intuitively compelling implicatures. It provides a computable method for constructing these logical forms and is one of the most formally precise and linguistically grounded accounts of discourse interpretation currently available. The book will be of interest to researchers and students in linguistics and in philosophy of language.
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