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Title:Plausible 3D Colour Surface Completion using Non-parametric Techniques
Authors: Toby Breckon ; Robert Fisher
Date:Sep 2005
Publication Title:Proc. Mathematics of Surface XI (MoS), LNCS
Publication Type:Conference Paper
Volume No:3604 Page Nos:102-120
We consider the combined completion of 3D surface relief and colour for the hidden and missing portions of objects captured with 2.5D (or 3D) capture techniques. Through an extension of nonparametric texture synthesis to facilitate the completion of localised 3D surface structure (relief) over an underlying geometric surface completion we achieve realistic, plausible completion and extension of 2.5D partially visible surfaces. Additionally we show how this technique can be extended to the completion of increasingly available colour 2.5D / 3D range data.
2005 Springer-Verlag
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