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Title:Sharing and Checking Organisation Knowledge
Authors: Jessica Chen-Burger
Date:Jul 2002
Publication Title:Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Publication Type:Book Chapter
The approach of Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling is now more commonly accepted and used in practice as a way to manage organisational knowledge than ever before. However, the concept of applying multiple modelling languages to describe the same domain may still sound frightening to many. In addition to the cost, time and complexity involved, problems such as knowledge sharing between multiple models and achieving and maintaining integrity between them are also important. We argue that Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling is helpful and in some situations necessary. This paper gives examples of how formal methods, such as logical languages, can provide assistance in making such an approach more appealing and transparent. We suggest that the MPM approach is valuable in representing, understanding and analysing a complex domain, such organisational knowledge, but that much automated support is needed.
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