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Title:Down in the (Data)base(ment): Supporting Configuration in Organisational Information Systems
Authors: Stuart Anderson ; Gillian Hardstone ; Robert Procter ; Robin Williams
Date:Nov 2007
Publication Title:Resources, Co-Evolution, and Artifacts
Publication Type:Book Chapter Publication Status:Published
We present a case study of a project to introduce a new organisation-wide information system in the healthcare domain. We report in detail on the problems of working with and evolving a classification of work procedures that is central to the organisational purpose of the new system and the responses of users and of the project team to these problems. These have important implications for the usability and thus dependability of computer-based systems and the information they contain. Drawing insights from sociological studies of classification and standardisation we reflect upon the implications for the development and implementation of more dependable computer-based systems. The outline table of contents for the book is attached - we cannot provide a reference to the chapter text until after the book has been published.
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